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Five of the Most Common LEDs


Originally an efficiency upgrade for the T12 Florescent lights, T5s and T8s Fluorescents have gained an efficiency upgrade when changing once more to LEDs. Their universal design allows them to be easily swapped, and only require occasional ballast and socket repairs if poorly maintained. With the change to LEDs one can expect to see drop in consumption by approximately 50%+. For those looking for a more appealing and modern replacement it is possible to look and 4ft linear and/or panel lights.

Linear Highbays

Often a replacement for Metal Halide or T5 Highbays, Linear Highbays offer a solution for illuminating a larger area. They provide a more even distribution due to their rectangular shape which make them optimal for a grid style layout. Depending on the model, Linear Highbays can be designed to be shine in a multitude of directions or a manageable more spotlight. Depending on the need for area it may be helpful to consider UFO Highbays.

UFO Highbays

UFO Highbays offer a relatively greater intensity of light due to their linear counterparts; however, their circular nature can create blind spots if the distribution is not properly situated or paired. Linear Highbays provide a better all-purpose light, but for task lighting or specific areas in workshop a UFO Highbay may work wonders. Not only do they offer an intense light, but they often are built to be weather sealed with the bonus of a simpler installation.


Typically, an exterior light, wallpacks offer a great stander coverage of an exterior of a building. If their standard spread needs to be focus the alternative wall cut-off can be used in its place. Aside from the increased efficiency, our wallpacks offer an integrated light sensor to offer a simpler solution for controlling when they are in operation. 

Flood Light

Sometimes simply mounting a light onto a wall is not enough. Sometimes there needs to be a bit of flexibility in choosing which areas are well lit. Flood Lights offer a more targeted solution for a building's exterior. With the ability to mount the light on various brackets the Flood Light can be easily adjusted post installation. Not only do they offer a more flexible solution, but they can often provide a brighter solution as well.  

Coming Soon

Technical Specifications, Alternatives, and more

Check back for more detailed specifications for some of our solutions, summaries of other lights and their alternatives, and accompanying technologies such as dimmer, sensors, etc.

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