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          Founded in South Australia and moving towards Canada, Haneco has rebranded itself with the motto “Ideas That Shine”. Though specializing in LED technology, one of the core goals for Haneco has shifted to focusing on creating sustainable and more efficient environments. We at Haneco are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our services to our customers and partners. In the pursuit of improving our services, we have and will be adding more ways for our clients and partners to improve their businesses and shine. Check out our “Products”  page to see some of the solutions we offer.

What We Do?

What Does Haneco Offer?

          Haneco offers a cost free energy assessment in order to provide a more personalized energy solution. Based off your consumption reduction needs, power-factor correction, efficient equipment procurement, and/or additional electrical work, we then construct a personalized plan connecting you with available incentives. We can then present to you your personalized plan showing you your KiloWatt Demand Savings (Both in kw/hr and $) and your potential government rebates which can be confirmed upon further interest.

Savings Per Year + Government Rebate > Cost of Project

           Some of our solutions may include but are not limited to a full turnkey operation, supply only, or rebate applications. We help customers participate in the Save on Energy Retrofit program  We confirm that our numbers are accurate and that they will indeed offer a costs savings towards your hydro bills. These savings are through the energy efficiency upgrade project in the facility. Just to clarify we do not sell or are involved with privatized hydro plans; rather we offer sustainable and quantifiable plans to improve operation efficiency.

See bellow for graphed examples:

Graph 2.PNG

           Graph above showcases a project with Return on Invest (ROI) of 3-4 months. The red line represents your current hydro bills (Set at $0), and the green line represent cumulative savings based off your original bills. If a facility requires more maintenance the ROI may be closer to the year or year and a half mark.

Graph 1.PNG

          Lastly, the blue line represents a third party financing company, so depending on credit scores and/or the use of your own financial organization the cumulative gains may be higher.

           If you would like to see what some of our clients have saved check out our "Past Projects" to see the rebates given and savings per year.

       Assess                         Plan                        Implement                          Save

Assess your current energy demand and connect you with the proper plan and rebate

Present the plan to showcase what rebates you are eligible for and the return on investment for the project

Working closely with you to execute the plan. Scheduling work around your schedule, you can continue your business as usual 

Save on your monthly hydro bills and maintenance costs while having an eco-friendlier footprint

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