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One of the benefits to LED lights is their improved durability/longevity. On average an LED can provide of lifespan of double its fluorescent counterpart. This improved lifespan helps maintain a more consistent lighting level. Continuous use of fluorescent lights can lead to dimming and flickering, but because LEDs do not use gas the lighting will continue to shine at the same level for most of its lifespan without the same burn in. 

In order to ensure that the light levels (Lumens/Lux) stay the same we run each of our products through a series of tests to confirm the lighting output, durability, and spread. 

Light Intesity Meter.jpg

Along with consistent level of brightness, an LED needs to be designed to operate at different color temperatures. With the most common being between 4000k and 5000k. 4000k offers a bright warmer light that to some is easier on the eyes; whereas 5000k offers a color like daylight.

Having lights closer to daylight help provide a clearer environment with some studies suggesting it may increase productive and reduce sleepiness. When choosing color temperature, it is important to not that fluorescent or metal halide lights will change color as they are used from the burning of the internal gasses. 

Colour Temperature Meter.jpg

This picture is a near perfect example of how switching the color and brightness of a light can create a safer and more efficient environment. The picture was taken half way through a project. The camera was unable to adjust to both temperatures, so it allowed for a more accurate depiction of what the change could look like.  


Want to see what LEDs we use?   Check "LED Lights"

Solar Lights

Solar Lights

Part of our mission is to reduce kWh, and in some circumstances there may be too much red tape or fees associated with provided to run the necessary wiring for a typical light fixture. For these circumstances, we find solar may be the way to go.

The absence of proper lighting may result in injuries, theft, and damages associated to a given facility. While some facilities may lack the necessary power supply to avoid these additional costs, solar lights harvest and store natural light to provide a lighting solution with little to no previous infrastructure to install.

More technical information coming soon...

EV Chargers

EV Chargers

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. They provide an eco-friendlier alternative for transportation while reducing the cost per km. 

An electric car can show your employees, clients, and business partners that your company supports sustainable initiatives and is forward-thinking. Additionally, another draw for electric cars is that owners of electric cars are typically are in higher income bracket as well as loyal clients and partners.* 

With our work with parking garages and different business we are looking to expand our services to include EV Chargers. While this is already feasible more information will be coming soon...




Though our expertise holds in LEDs, we are rapidly expanding the scope of services we offer. Whether it be installing more efficient HVAC units, adding Power Factor correction system, running new wiring or linking a client with rebates for the newest machinery. We will work with you to create a tailored solution.  

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