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About Us


Haneco Canada Inc. is a part of a multinational LED manufacturer expanding from South Australia, which is committed to creating a more sustainable future through energy efficient products.

With a proud history of efficiently retrofitting multiple businesses with LED alternative, Haneco Canada can offer a wide range of products to meet the majority of lighting needs. Through utilizing our technology, we provide each individual client with the most cost efficient solution while linking them with applicable rebates.


Shifting Business Models

Originally looking to follow an identical business model, Haneco Canada found without the previous knowledge most individuals would resort to some of the larger American brands for LED fixtures. Determined to showcase the innovation and design of the Haneco’s products, Haneco Canada moved from the wholesaler approach to a full turnkey solution. This change allows Haneco to work with different individual to find their specific needs, connect them with right product, and support for the individual from the start of a project to long after it is finished.

Connecting to Different Industries

Haneco Canada started working with a supply only model, mostly to larger residential building. The move from residential buildings changed when the scope work now including exterior fixtures with a full installation package. With the full turnkey work expanded from exterior fixtures to include interior lights for different franchises shops.

However, the real change started with a metal recycling plant. This project offered harsh environment that showcased the quality of Haneco’s products in the harsh conditions, but it also showed the effectiveness in reducing the energy demanded by the plant while providing them with rebate for the installation.

Showcases a company’s optimal saving has been a staple service Haneco provides, and it has allowed us to work with aircraft manufacturers, shipping companies, parking garages and more. Haneco works with each customer to understand their needs, and with this open communication we have been able to work with food processing plants and medical facilities to ensure that Haneco’s products hold the proper quality and safety needed to work in more sensitive industries.

Going Forward

Haneco Canada is working to evolve, and with new energy efficient products being developed everyday Haneco will continue to expand the services provided. To see what changes are currently in development check "Ideas That Shine" or "Products"


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